Daughter, sister, mother, friend

At the young age of 32, Nancy Zicari-Infantino passed away from breast cancer.  When Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer, her family founded Nancy & Friends Fighting Cancer, Inc. She passed away in 2002, leaving behind her husband, Dino, and their four young children; Michael, Ashley, Nicholas and Olivia.  

Before Nancy passed she wrote a message to her friends and family. In it she said, "My list (of things she'll miss) is endless...I leave with a hope that everyone here will do all of these things with the ones they love and never leave anything undone. Life is too short - please believe it! So do that for me in my memory." 

In her memory and through Nancy & Friends, it is our hope that we can all continue to do the things we love with the people we love, and never leave anything undone.